Fresh from a 3d printer come the Kickstarter Halfling Snipers from Victoria Miniatures.

Of course, I updated my pledge to include the pith helmet heads that came in both male and female flavour.  The KS also included a Bambo Bullroar figure. He's a kind of halfling Rambo who I'm sure was in no way inspired by Bullroarer Took from Tolkien.

The squad itself is quite characterful with some of the snipers seemingly involved in elevenses or a second breakfast possibly.

Stylistically, the halflings seem to follow the dress uniform style of GW's 2nd Ed metal Ratlings which, in turn I feel, were inspired by the Napoleonic unofrms of the 95th Rifles.  ITV's Sharpe series was quite the rage at the time those Ratlings were released.

As such, these snipers are a dead fit to go alongside GW's Praetorians or Mordians.  The main question is do I go with a nice Red or choose a Rifles green colour?