I'm currently running a Vampire the Masquerade chronicle using the 5th Edition rule-set for a small group of fellow role-players. These are the chronicles of their adventures.

Our chronicle is set in Los Angeles and features a small group of Camarilla agents sent into the 'Free States' to bring them back under Camarilla control. After over four years of plotting, one of their number is now leader of the Anarch Council of the Free States and the rest have privileged places within the Anarch hierarchy.
The now obligatory warning bit - Unlike my other RPG write-ups this one will contain swearing, sexual references and other references that might offend. If you can't tell the difference between real             peoples opinions and grown-ups role-playing predators who crave blood then this probably won't be for you. There are however a list of potential triggers listed before the introduction. I've also used actual photographs to represent some characters which I'll give acknowledgements to at the end if I've any idea who they are.
The introduction to this campaign, the first story and all the other parts can be found at the following links and are in chronological order. If you'd prefer a summary of each session rather than read everything then there's a more detailed link page HERE as well as links to the first episode of each story in the blog sidebar.
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Galerie Sanguine - 'San Francisco'
'Anarchs' -  ZeroOneTwoThree and Four
Chronicle Five - 'Blood Cults of L.A.'
Story Thirty - 'A Plague of Blood' - Part One and Two

'The Cast' - Past and Present
This Sessions PC's are...
Michael Tomassio - Toreador, 'Baron of the North East'
Dr Daniel Matthews - Banu Haqim, 'Sherlock'
Vincent Ghast - Brujah, 'Constable of the North East'
Hope Romero - Gangrel, 'Census Taker'

The Storyteller
Everyone else...

The player characters stats and backgrounds can be found HERE should any-one be interested, but be warned that the page is usually several stories ahead of the most recent write-up and may contain some spoilers. 

There's also some minor 'house-rules' HERE that have occurred as we went along.

If I think something needs a bit of out of character explanation then those will get a storytellers note that will helpfully be in red. Introductory pieces that I read to the group are in Blue. Where particular NPC's have a mention in a faction profile you will be able to reach it by clicking on their name or faction beneath their picture.

Trigger Warnings for This Session: Blood (Obviously), Modern Slavery
Other Possible Triggers: None

Daniel and Hope's trip into the sewers has prompted more questions than answers. Concerned of meeting the same fate as Gloria's destroyed Gangrel census-taker Owen Frasier, the pair have sensibly decided to withdraw without continuing the pursuit of a mysterious female Nosferatu who was following them. The tracker 'Max' had ascertained their approximate heading but was ordered not to pursue.

Now Michael must inform Gloria about their discoveries, and who is to blame for the loss of her operative.

Scene Eleven - Gloria Martinez
With Hope and Daniel busy with their investigations, Michael instead chose to take Vin with him as bodyguard. Many of Gloria's own soldiers were intimidated by the hulking Brujah and he was a very effective deterrent to any overly aggressive reactions to the news he was about to relay.

The address given for their meeting was not in Gloria's customary gang warehouse, but rather an address of a home within the centre of Whittier.

The address turned out to be within a small gated community in a particularly well-to-do area of Whittier. The walls were decorative, but also solid and high, topped with spikes concealed within a fairly traditional looking railing along the top. The guards within the compound were definitely not the normal biker types she utilised as troops. They instead had the look of professional mercenaries.

After checking their names matched those on a list within the security cabin, a solid looking gentlemen with a military haircut directed them towards the largest house within the gated community. Though not exactly a mansion, it was quite large.

Vin's 'Cleaver' - A Gift From His Sire
The coterie recognised several of those guarding the front door as Brujah from Gloria's gang. As one approached, Vin exited the vehicle and opened the door for Michael. The advancing guard stopped in his tracks and looked at his comrade who joined him.

Vin turned to the first guard and casually raised one hand to indicate he should stay where he was. "If you were going to ask us to surrender our weapons, the answer will be 'no, fuck off', given what's happening in the city, only an idiot travels without weapons. You don't think were fucking idiots do you?"

The tone was conversational, not threatening, but Michael could sense Vin's anger. Vin had always shown the Brujah under Gloria's command a significant level of contempt, yet was very different in his attitude to members of his own clan who represented Allison Maller. Michael had his own theories about why this was, but decided to confirm his suspicions later. Now was clearly not the time for interrogating his own people. The guard sensibly read between the lines and stepped aside.

As they were escort inside, Michael heard Vin whisper "What a fucking pussy..." he was also periodically checking the cleaver-like weapon he kept beneath his jacket. This wasn't usually a good sign.


Allison Maller - Brujah
Baron of Anaheim
Gloria was sitting on a well worn but comfortable sofa. Somewhat surprisingly Baron Alisson Maller was also there. Vin inclined his head in greeting to Allison, but ignored Gloria and then moved to guard the door.

"Make yourself comfortable..." said Gloria, to Michael "...I imagine we've got quite a lot to discuss. So how goes the investigation?"

"I have my best people investigating the abandoned water works that seemed to be one of the primary areas of concern. They ran into Owen, who was apparently observing the area..."

Gloria interrupted. "He hasn't reported in."

Michael continued. "There was, and likely still is, a cult operating beneath your Barony. The ones encountered by my agents were human, but I'm informed were also ghouls which proves they were influenced by at least one kindred, possibly more. I'm afraid that they had already destroyed your sweeper by the time that Daniel and his team arrived."

Gloria said nothing, so Michael carried on.

"Why he chose to take the course of action that he did, is unknown, but it's likely that he was taken by surprise and destroyed while outnumbered. Perhaps his perceptions were altered in someway, or he was lured in using a subterfuge of some kind?  It's possible that we will never know..."

Gloria Martinez - Brujah
Baron of Whittier
Gloria's reply did nothing to change Michael or Vin's opinion of her.

"Owen was a good sweeper. I've no idea why he'd take such an unnecessary risk. He'll be difficult to replace. Finding a Gangrel whose not in Marius's pocket is becoming more of a chore recently..." Michael got the distinct impression that she was more concerned about the difficulty of replacing him, than the the fact that he'd met his final death. "Allison has offered to lend me 'Ameer' but I think I'd like to recruit someone of my own..."

The name 'Ameer' meant nothing to Michael. Likely he was one of Allison's own sweepers.

"It would be easy for us to become complacent..." added Michael. "...as we tend to consider the domains beneath us to be either a separate entity or of no value to our Baronies. This new enemy may simply be nomads passing through but this seems unlikely. When Daniel returns with more information I'll be able to brief you in more detail. He did however relay to me that this particular enemy was fond of traps as well as ambushes, and coating their weaponry in their own diseased blood. To complicate matters, The Swarm were also apparently there..."

It was clear to Michael that Gloria wasn't happy about this last bit of news. Her and Allison exchanged a look, but it was difficult to discern any information from it, even for a kindred as empathetic as Michael.

'The Swarm' - Kindred, Ghouls and Blood Bound
"I'm going to have to do something about 'The Swarm'. I can't have an unknown and unpredictable element lurking beneath my feet. If I have to use force then I will...as a last resort of course..."

One of Gloria's guards who was seemingly keeping an eye on Vin made some comment about "...kicking the shit out of them, if they got in the way...", which got a laugh out of Michael's Brujah bodyguard. It was clear that Vin had his own thoughts about how that particular battle might turn out. He'd encountered the underground dwelling Gangrel known as The Swarm on at least two occasions and though he had no fear of any of them as individuals, he'd seen what they were capable of if they assaulted an enemy en masse. It was not a pretty sight. In Vin's opinion, anything short of a werewolf pack would eventually fall just to their sheer weight of numbers and complete disregard for their personal safety.

Michael decided not to comment on this and instead carried on with his warnings.

Salvador Garcia - Brujah
El Hermandad, Anarch Revolutionary
"If this is a cult that is, or has, began a widescale infiltration of our city, then it might be wise to ensure that any new recruits to your barony are carefully vetted."

During the conversation, Michael had been carefully observing both Gloria and Allison's reactions, as well as the interactions between them. It was clear that there was some issue between them. Whatever it was evidently wasn't serious enough to prevent them supporting each other. For now at least. He suspected that it might be something to do with the presence in the city of their sire, Salvador Garcia.

Michael decided he'd done, and observed, enough so concluded his briefing. "If there's anything I can do, then don't hesitate to ask." he concluded.

Gloria then stood up, clearly indicating that she considered it time for Michael to leave.

In their past interactions, the Toreador Baron might well have acquiesced, but not this time. He was Arbiter of the Council of the Anarch Free States, not some neonate who could be dismissed on a whim. "My offer of assistance also applies to you Baron Maller, should you find yourself needing an ally, or simply someone to bounce ideas off. The position of Arbiter, in my opinion at least, puts me at the service of all the Barons of this city..."

Then, once he was ready, he himself stood and walked towards the door. Vin dropped into place behind him. The mouthy Brujah moved out of Vin's way with such speed that he almost tripped over his own feet. Vin merely smiled.

Michael's Armoured Cadillac Escalade
As they left, Michael spoke to Vin. "Gloria still seems to think she gets to dictate to me where I can go, and when I am required to leave. Those nights are long passed, but she's still going to be a problem. She pushes unnecessarily in situations where a more sensible kindred would first evaluate the best course of action. I believe she may use Owen's destruction as an excuse to do something aggressive, and likely stupid and poorly thought out." He then changed tack. "You don't like her do you?"

Vin confirmed Michael's suspicions. "She rules through fear and intimidation, and recruits bullies who do the same. That's not how leadership should be done. Your followers should obey because you are right, not because they're afraid to ask questions. Real leaders listen to their advisors. They might not take the advice, but they still listen. The handful of kindred under her command worth a shit are having their voices drowned out by the yes-men. They can no longer mitigate her bullshit and it's beginning to show."

'Amethyst' - Caitiff
Destroyed Former Baron
Vin wasn't usually particularly loquacious. In fact this might have been the most words Michael had heard him say in one go. He decided to take the opportunity to delve a little further. "You don't feel the same way about Allison, though do you?"

"Allison? She held off a concerted attack by an enemy backed by Amethyst, who led one of the largest Baronies in L.A. at the time, and prevailed. Her people are battle hardened and would risk their unlives for her in an instant."

"You don't get that kind of loyalty through shouting at people and being a cunt, you fucking earn it. Gloria and Allison aren't in the same league. It's not even close."

As they reached their vehicle, one of Gloria's henchmen was leaning on the hood. Two others were making a vague attempt at looking intimidating. 

"If that hand is still on that car in two seconds I'm fucking keeping it." growled Vin. Michael didn't think Vin was joking, and neither did the Brujah, who quickly backed away.

On the drive back, Vin was silent once more. Michael decided not to push. Dealing with Gloria and her people always made the Brujah irritable.

Scene Twelve - Victoria?
Blood Samples - The Blood Plague
Dr Daniel Matthews had taken blood from the plague cultists beneath Gloria Martinez's domain and had acquired other samples from kindred plague victims.

Convinced that the plague was supernatural in nature, he decided to seek assistance from the Ghouled Verbena Mages who served Marius as occult advisors, as well as giving him a certain measure of defence against any mage who might interfere in his business. The relationship seemed to suit them both and had endured for nearly a century.

Blood was also one of their specialities and so they seemed ideal candidates to mine for information.

The contact information Daniel had for Aegis and 'The Oratory' was still the number most often answered by Victoria, though he hadn't used it since the Lubbock situation.

Somewhat surprisingly, it was Victoria who answered.

"It's been a while Daniel. What do you need?"

Fortunately, given the circumstances, Victoria was willing to help.

Victoria Anezka - Ancient Ghoul
Personal Assistant to Marius
"I can arrange for a meeting but it'll have to be brief. Their sister is in town for a few nights and I doubt they'll want to interrupt their reunion for very long.. Be here in an hour and twenty minutes, I'll ask them to spare whatever time they can manage..."

Daniel noted that Victoria said 'ask', not 'tell'. It was clear that despite their blood-bound loyalty to Marius, Victoria still considered them to be somewhat independent operatives.

He then rang Hope. "Fancy a road trip to see some witches?"


Hallowbrook was much as Daniel and Hope remembered it, The unobtrusive but extensive security was till in place, the guards were alert, and a steady traffic of residents and Aegis staff were making their way through the security checkpoints in both directions, even at this late hour.

Victoria was waiting for them just inside the gate and had apparently already informed security that they were authorised to enter.

"They can give you half an hour, an hour at most, so I'd get to your point straight away. I'd also air on the side of diplomacy. Daedra is far more powerful than her sisters and has as close to zero patience as it's possible for one without a Beast to have..."

As they rode the elevator to the higher floors reserved for Baron Walker and his agents, Daniel decided to ask where Marius was. Victoria and him being in separate locations was unusual as the Gangrel 'Fixer' rarely travelled without his most favoured ancient ghoul.

Berlin at Night - Camarilla Domain
"Marius? He's currently in Berlin, negotiating with what's left of the Camarilla there and the various Anarch gangs about establishing an office for 'The Oratory'. The city is overpopulated, perhaps even more so than L.A., so the Masquerade is in more danger there than in many places. No-one wants to see it turn into another London, so they're open to the idea of an organisation that can help with that. It's just a matter of convincing them all that he's not going to pick a side..."

Daniel asked who was "...running the show..." in New York.

"There's a Tremere Regent there whose now the defacto leader of the Camarilla remnant that Marius is having to deal with as well as the two largest Anarch gangs, Red Liberation and the Stirner Gang I believe they're called. It's a juggling act, but he's very convincing...even more so recently..."

Sir Matthew Lubbock - Toreador
Diablerised Methuselah
"Last time I saw Marius he'd just finished a wrestling match with an Abomination." quipped Hope, but Victoria made no comment. 

Daniel had concerns. He knew Marius had diablerised Sir Matthew Lubbock, who was both powerful and ancient. Such creatures subsequently possessing their diablerist was not unheard of. "How is he generally?" asked Daniel, attempting to approach the subject of his concern by a less direct path. Victoria, however, had read between the lines.

"Well he hasn't started kidnapping blonde boys, rather than seducing naïve goth chicks, so I imagine he's still himself..."

Daniel knew Victoria very well and had dealt with her even before entering Michaels service. Something was definitely different about her. She looked and sounded the same, but her mannerisms were just a little...off...

He began to suspect that this was not Victoria, but was instead been Marius's youngest childe, 'Jane Doe', an expert infiltrator and impersonator of others. He decided to test his theory.

"I acquired this from one of Marius's childer..." he said, pulling out the heavy revolver handed to him by 'Mannequin' after she had impersonated another of Marius's ghouls, Heather. "...perhaps you could return it to her for me?" Victoria took the weapon but showed no signs of recognition.

Interlude - Recruiting
Celia Malone - Malkavian
Circulatory System 'Recruiter'
Celia Malone watched from the upstairs office as her 'Bloodhound' walked along the line of workers. Occasionally he nodded his head in the direction of one of those working on one of the many sewing machines lined up in the poorly ventilated factory unit. By the time he returned to her, he had identified some twelve women, three children and a single man whose blood had the particular resonances she had specified.

Some mortal people smuggler named 'Dreads' had supplied these women and children to the owner of this textile mill as slave labour. Each churned out cheap copies of designer clothing lines that would likely last only marginally longer than they took to make. 

Celia was reasonably sure that the so-called Arbiter's investigators would investigate this location last, if it all. By then she'd be long gone. The mortal owner stared blankly at Celia. She had told him to wait quietly and he had obeyed without question. He'd likely do so until he starved to death, but that would take far too long.

Haris, a toadying Caitiff, useful only for his ability to smell the Resonance of a human’s blood without tasting it, and with the supernatural senses to do so over a considerable distance, knocked on the office door before entering. Circulatory System security were already escorting the new vessels to transports awaiting outside. 

'Haris' - Caitiff
Circulatory System 'Bloodhound'
"Got about two thirds of what you need. We're a bit short of Sanguine ones though. This place doesn't exactly make it's workers happy or horny." commented Haris, conspicuously avoiding looking at the place where the modern slaver who ran this factory, had once had a face.

"I don't think I'll keep this one..." she said, holding up the flayed skin of the mortals face. "...it has too many imperfections, don't you agree?"

The Caitiff merely nodded. He made a point of never disagreeing with Celia. His predecessors face was neatly pressed in a folder in Celia's office and he had no intention of his own features finding a place alongside them. "What about the others?" he asked.

"Give them some cash each and tell them that this business is closed indefinitely. Their passports are no doubt in one of these cabinets, then have the building torched."

Haris was somewhat surprised. "Seriously?" he asked.

Celia smiled sweetly. "Of course not you idiot. Torch the place? Yes. Let the people go? Don't be silly. They've seen our faces and I've got better things to do than rewrite thirty seven memories..."

As the building burned, Haris drove Celia Malone back to the L.A. 'Farm' of the Circulatory System where their new recruits would begin their short careers as blood dolls. His Malkavian mistress was still smiling, but about what he decided he'd rather not know...

Scene Thirteen - Three Sisters
The pair were escorted to the floor containing some of the spacious living quarters provided for Marius's ghouls. Victoria knocked politely, but entered without waiting to be invited in.

Diedre 'Daedra' Drake - Mage
Verbena Tradition, Elder Ghoul
The Verbena mages quarters appeared to have been refurbished since they were last there. There was now considerably more shelving and display cases, as their literary collection and stockpile of artefacts seemed to have expanded considerably. The central seating area was focussed upon a large table which contained a bewildering array of books, scrolls and other occult paraphernalia whose purpose meant nothing to them.

Seated within were the two sisters they knew and a third who they had never met before. It was immediately apparent who was the dominant one of the three. Daedra had a personal presence that was almost palpable.

"So what's so important that it interrupts the limited time I and my sisters have together?" she asked.

Daniel decided to get straight to the point. This 'third sister' didn't seem like one for superfluous niceties. "This blood plague is a concern to everyone, both mortal and kindred, I'd like to learn it's origin, and I'd like your help..."

Once more, Daedra spoke for her sisters. "Blood is our speciality. So yes, we can probably help but we'll need a physical  sample of the fluids associated with this plague. I presume you realised the need for such, being a doctor?"

Daniel confirmed that he did. Hope meanwhile had found a comfy chair in one corner. In this particular situation she would follow Daniel's lead. Regardless, she still wanted to keep her eye on everyone as something about Daedra rubbed her up the wrong way. Meanwhile, the Verbena had continued with her enquiries. "Be warned, this examination will likely consume the sample. I'd reconsider it's use unless you have others?"

Sylvia Drake - Mage
Verbena Tradition, Elder Ghoul
"I have multiple." replied Daniel. "If you can't help then I'll need them to look into alternate methods of investigation."

Sylvia cleared some space on the table, while Clara fetched an intricately carved silver bowl from a crowded shelf of similar containers. Daedra emptied the contents of the sample container into the bowl and held her hand over it. There were no words said, nor gestures made. The fluid simply begins to bubble and separate, before beginning to glow intensely, first red, then a sickly green. The stench of decay filled the air though seemed to be coming, not from the mixture itself, but from the very air around you.

Sylvia and Clara silently observed their older sister as she worked. There was a sudden flash and the fluid turned to ash before everyone's very eyes.

"An unpleasant little concoction..." was Daedra's first comment. "Would you like the bad news or the other bad news?" was her second.

"I don't think it really matters. Do you?" asked Daniel. Though the question was clearly rhetorical.

"Someone has infected a creature, some lower form probably, with a mundane blood disease and added vitae to the mix. They have then used some of your relatively primitive blood magic to bind the two, increasing the potency of the disease itself, and also tying it into the addictive properties of your kinds vitae. They have then likely, though this next part is conjecture on my part, introduced the resulting plague to a human host and repeated the process."

"I detect many layers of sorcery, some old, some recent, and though I am no expert on the magic of your kind, I can only presume that such levels of power require a blood mage of considerable potency.

Clara Drake - Mage
Verbena Tradition, Elder Ghoul
"If there is a cure, then it will need to come from within the vitae of one of your own. Someone whose blood is potent, or unique, enough to resist the disease and neutralise it. Effectively they would create a vaccine from their own blood..."

"However, I wouldn't recommend randomly infecting vampires until you find one that's immune, they're likely to be extremely rare..."

She then clicked her fingers at Clara who seemed to instinctively know what her elder sister required. A few minutes later she returned with a leather bound book, held together with cord and handed it to Daniel.

"This contains several histories involving blood plagues that have infected vampires in the past. It's one of Marius's, not ours but we'll still need it back when you're done with it. Perhaps you can discover a common thread about how exactly they accomplished what I have laid out to you as a solution."

"Now, I imagine you'd like to leave and continue your investigations?"

Hope was tempted to stay a bit longer just to be annoying, but tales of mages conjuring fire and sunlight from nothing, made her think that perhaps it would be safer to just do as asked. Daniel thanked the trio, and then left.

"Doesn't Marius employ anyone normal?" asked Hope as they left. "You used to work for him didn't you?" replied Daniel with a smile. "Fuck you, so did you..." was Hope's witty comeback. 

"Where to now?" asked Hope, changing the subject. "I need to speak to Alonzo." replied Daniel 

"Great..." grimaced Hope. "...another fucking sewer..."

Scene Fourteen - Beneath Hollywood
Abandoned Sewer Network - Hollywood
Daniel knew of only one safe and quick route into Alonzo's territory and that was via Hollywood. The only other alternative was to make the entire journey underground.

Thanks to Nosferatu interference in it's construction, the entire sewer network of the city was connected. However, such a journey would be time consuming in the extreme.

Unusually it was Hope, not Daniel, who first detected that they were being followed. Something or someone was stalking them. They were moving parallel to them and there were at least two groups. Whoever they were, were very good and without supernatural senses they doubted they'd have detected them.

They then caught a glimpse of several humanoid figures as they slipped back into the darkness. Confrontation was apparently not currently on their minds. Daniel then caught sight of a figure ahead. He was making no effort to conceal himself and was clearly waiting for someone. 

Quinn - Gangrel
Eldest Childe of the Swarm Mistress
They recognised him as Quinn, eldest surviving childe of the Mistress of the Swarm, unusually he seemed to be alone. Even more surprisingly he was armed. As well as the handgun at his side, An unusual looking gun was laid across his lap, it looked like shotgun, but with extra barrels. Several thin stakes were in a custom harness at his side, perhaps these were it's ammunition. 

It was ornately decorated and Daniel had his suspicions that it may have once belonged in the armoury of a Vampire hunter. As The Swarm had once overran and murdered their way through a Second Inquisition base, this was an entirely plausible theory.

"It's beginning to seem awful crowded in this sewer. Is your Baron planning on exhibiting some exiting new exhibition down here?" asked Quinn

"We're heading to the home of an old friend of mine..." admitted Daniel. "...you know of Alonzo?"

Quinn nodded. "His pet has satiated it's appetites on several of ours who underestimated it's territorial nature. It never consumes more than a couple at a time and it certainly weeds out the stupid ones, but it would have nice if he'd put up a sign..."

Eula - Alonzo's Guardian
"Beware of the Dog?" suggested Hope

The tendrils on Quinn's head rippled slightly, but Hope wasn't sure whether this was something they just did, or if it was a response to her comment. Quinn had manifested a number of animalistic features over the decades, and like Hope, some had become permanent. Hope blamed this on the potency of her vitae having being enhanced through several diableries, possibly Quinn had the same problem.

Daniel watched as Hope and Quinn had a brief stare-down as they sized each other up. Hierarchy was important to Gangrel. Most of their Clan meetings began with rituals to decide on who was in charge via fighting and boasting, but mainly fighting. Hopefully this wasn't how this particular encounter would play out. Both break eye contact at about the same time, so Daniel decided to distract Quinn with a question about what exactly The Swarm were doing under Hollywood.

"Some of my expendable followers are attempting to drive an uninvited guest in this direction so I can 'invite' them to a meeting with Tilly. She'd like to know what they're doing down her and has made it clear to us that not knowing is putting her in a bad mood..."

Tilly Kelly - Gangrel
Mistress of the Swarm
Tilly Kelly, Mistress of the Swarm, was an unpredictable lunatic, who led her followers with a mix of motherly care and mindless violence. Which one she selected was decided based on whatever whims were bubbling through her mind that minute.

Quinn continued. "All internecine conflicts between her 'firstborn', Me, Melinda and Blake to be specific, are forbidden until this matter is resolved, so for the first time in several decades we're all on the same side...and if you believe that 'same side' nonsense then I have a bridge I'd like to sell you..."

Several swarm members emerged from the shadows, with their heads downturned, clearly avoiding making eye-contact with Quinn. "You lost them?" asked the Gangrel, with considerable menace in his voice. As one of them attempted to speak, Quinn interrupted.

"One of you will have to pay the price for failure, I'll let you decide who, while I speak to these two."

The rest of Quinn's followers then disappeared into the darkness, to obey their leaders brutal directive. 

"Do you have anything else to share?" asked Quinn, as if the current situation was completely normal.

Daniel then relayed the events of the previous night in case Melinda, another 'Swarm' leader, had failed to supply all the details to Quinn. 

Quinn then beckoned for Hope and Daniel to follow him. He moved towards an old yellow box on one wall with an old style phone wired into it. It appeared to still be wired into the remnants of an electrical system.

"The Nosferatu have been connecting the old communication system down here back together and some of our smarter recruits have been doing the same. There's still massive holes in the network, and you're never quite sure who might be listening, but nonetheless if you pick up one of these receiver's, there's a chance you'll get through to either us or one of Gary's postmen."

Neither Daniel nor Hope, who both had military backgrounds, were sure about the wisdom of having an unsecured communication network, but it was useful to know it existed.

As they left, the remaining Swarm members returned. Several had torn clothing, and others had blood dripping from unevenly fanged maws. They definitely numbered one less than they had previously. Apparently the blame had been attributed.

Scene Fifteen - Alonzo's Lair
Alonzo Guillen - Elder Nosferatu
The Ancient Hollywood Warrens
Alonzo's lair has expanded once more. The laboratory area has extra tanks within filled with blood red-liquid, one was considerably larger than the others but appeared to be empty. The tubes and tunnels that allowed Alonzo's vermin spies and messengers to enter and leave the area were now everywhere.

His library too had expanded. The documents looked like those he had discovered when he first located the ancient and abandoned Nosferatu haven, and he seemed to have put considerable effort into sorting out those that were salvageable. His new guard was absent, presumably on some task for Alonzo.

"Given the problems on the surface, I imagine this isn't a social call?" asked Alonzo, though it was clear that he was pleased to see Daniel, who was likely his only actual friend.

"It sort of is..." replied Daniel. "I do also need some advice, so I wouldn't mind picking your brains a little while I'm here." he continued.

"We've learned that the plague, the one that's just jumped to kindred, was probably originally created using an animal host, then a kindred one. I just wanted to warn you to be vigilant. We're sure that those responsible are in the city, and are using the sewers to travel. The swarm have been seen too. I imagine Gary has a lot on his plate right now. I can't imagine he's missed this much activity in the warrens?"

'Gorgeous' Gary Golden - Nosferatu
Baron of the Warrens
Alonzo then enlightened them on what was going on with 'Gorgeous' Gary Golden, Baron of The Warrens.

"Gary's concerned of course. He's given that Swarm lot a bit of latitude to cross through the Warrens if they need to pursue any of the intruders. What's really concerning is that we just can't find the bastards. I've got spies everywhere but they seem to lose the trail as quickly as they find it. Any of my creatures that get close just disappear. We've found a few rats drained, others dead from some unknown pestilence, but there's no pattern to it. It's a mystery, that's for certain..."

Daniel then asked if any Nosferatu had been infected. It turned out that several had and that Gary was taking security seriously..

"Two Nosferatu have gone missing, which, given the circumstances is certain to be connected, but as far as we know, none of the swarm have disappeared or turned up diseased yet."

"Gary sees The Warrens as his and recent events have made him consider the importance of defence and security. He figures that the more territory he controls, the more advance notice he'll have of threats, which is not an unreasonable assumption."

"Gary, well Barabus actually, has negotiated borders between Gary's domains and theirs, there's a few neutral areas, de-militarised zones you might call them, in zones without firm areas of divide. It was fairly amicable a such things go. Of course there were more compromises on Gary's side than he night have liked but he lacks the numbers to push his luck too much..."

Daniel and Hope thanked him for the information and asked him to be careful.

"So the sewers are full of assholes and everyone's paranoid..." commented Hope. "...sounds like everything's totally normal. So what now?"

"Now..." replied Daniel. "...we see if people were all that the South Coast smuggler was bringing in..."

Hope shrugged. At least that job would be above ground...


Storytellers Conclusions
I sometimes like to do a round-up of how the session went in these features but if you couldn't give a shit what I think then feel free to skip this bit....

They're piecing things together fairly well. They missed a couple of clues but they can probably progress without them.

Next time I'll introduce them to the dubious business network of the recently deceased 'Dreads' in the South Coast docks, and they'll begin to discover that death and depravity aren't exclusive to kindred interests.

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