One of these is not like the others...

This was originally intended to be my Monday post, that is until I ended up with an unexpected horde of Orks (still sorting that menagerie out btw). 

Anyways, going along with my earlier Mandalorian post here are the first three of yet another small, 3D printed rebel force for Star Wars Legion (my last bunch of rebels were traded for some custom YT1300s that I painted years ago for a friend who was otherwise going to eBay them along with the rest of his X-Wing collection).

The squad leader on the right has shinier armor plates then the grunt on the left. 

I'm rather pleased with how their cloaks came out, am hoping I can replicate this effect across both squads that I have. 

The two with the cloaks are Anomids who according to wookiepedia are normally pacifists, but as with any race or society there are a few rotten apples in the bunch.

Unlike your average Yeti, this one does not hold water...

He is however outfitted for war!

Next up is Moroff, who made a brief appearance in the movie Rogue One and is in general just an all around cool looking mini.