Hello one and all! Another week, another completed model! this time a Relictors Captian of the Deathwatch. 

I wanted the Captain to feel like a 'Heretical' Relictor, and by that, I wanted him to be armed with something chaosy! Thus, a Hellblade was used! I also opted for a Skull helm - 3D printed, acquired bia that auction site. This fits in nicely with the look I was going for.
An honour from the command marine (firstborn) was added to mark him out a little more.
The base model was the Primaris Captain model, with only the weapon and head swap, with a deathwatch left shoilder pauldon added. The scheme was the same as all the other Deathwatch marines.
The blade was painted to have a more 'firey' appearance with a black base, then red/yellow added as a wider highlight.

Happy with the force - now on to more Marines! LH (10pts)