I've finished my test squad of Death Guard Plague Marines. Sorry for the bad contrast with my painting surface. There will be some action shots soon.

The box set includes seven figures with a good deal of options. Of course not all figures can have all options, so you must plan a bit. I'm still torn on this design concept. On one hand, it does make for some really nice dynamic poses, but at the coast of not all parts being useable on all bodies. 

I think my biggest gripe is that they come in a box of seven. Sacred number and all that, sure. But nowadays if you are using Power Rating, not points, you can take them as a squad of five or ten.
Awkward. I just wish the Codex editors/playtesters paid just a smidge more attention to odd situations like that.

That aside, they are very good models and fun to paint.

Go Sling Some Paint
Don't Run Out of Agrax Earthshade