I cannot resist a decent eBay find, this was a plain Rhino in blue, decent enough but thin coats of paint which made the purchase appealing...  My 4th Company RTB01 Marines have two full squads, but only a single Rhino, so now they both have a ride in style. The above reminds me of the 90's box art style!
I added the Chaos chains to 'Relictor' it a little. Base coat was Uniform Grey from Army Painter, over brushed Codex Grey (Dawnstone) and washed Nuln Oil, drybrushed Administratum Grey.
I picked out some stowage, an ammo crate and a camouflage sheet for the empty track rear sections. This one unfortunately didn't have the fragile hand rails like the first. (EDIT - I managed to pick some up on eBay from a very nice bitz seller, theblisteredheel).
I manufactured some hatch handles from some spare radar antenna bits from the vehicle frame, cut and shaped as necessary to form new handles.
Here is Squad IV with their new/old ride.
And a shot of the Rogue Trader motorpool as it stands, all attached to 4th Company, as quite frankly 5th Company is huge already!

EDIT - The bitz I wanted came through and I have managed to purchase the delicate handrails and a missing hatch underneath!

Cheers, Siph (5pts)