Part 13? Crikey, this one has gone on for a bit huh? Well, I have completed (sans decals and grass tufts)  three more of the "dancers & prancers" Khorne Berserkers. These are the models from the 20-ish year old kit. Which I started working on many years ago

Three more done-ish.

I admit that they aren't my cleanest paint jobs but they look good enough in a jumble. Trevor thinks my style sometimes leans in a Blanchitsu style which I think is an acceptable compliment, and is complementary of the chaos ascetic. 

"This is my murder stick!"

These models have so many damn bolts and  rivets that I keep finishing more that I have missed while reviewing these photos. I could keep touching them up but eventually I just have to let 'em go and move on to the next thing. 

"Klytus, I'm bored,"

I like this guy, he reminds me of General Klytus*, Ming's henchman from the 1980 Flash Gordon movie. He has the most unique plasma pistol in all of 40k. It's really archaic looking and fierce and has the smallest plasma coil on any plasma pistol ever produced including the small ones from the old Confrontation sprue and the first plastic Orks set.  I think this turned out good however. 

View of plasma pistol.

This guy is running full tilt at something. He really needs to just get there, y'know? He could be running away, or towards food...


So I keep saying done-ish and that is because I am waiting for the whole unit to be done before I add decals and grass to the base. 

Ready to collect blood and skulls! 

I have six more of these psychos left to complete. And that doesn't include the squad leaders. The grind continues...

*General Klytus. This chap had a particularly gruesome demise.