Here is a series I had hoped to kick off back in February, but due to the tedious assembly time I only just this week managed to finish building these guys. Granted, my free time is sparse to say the least and this kit did a fine job consuming it. 

The first guy I built was the biggest one, the Dishonoured.  

The Dishonoured.

This guy was way more complicated than he needed to be. Take his spike ball arm for example: it is hollow with skulls in it with an additional piece for the chain that wraps around the wrists. I have no idea how I will paint those skulls but I will ford that river when I get to it. Thiswasn't even the most tedious part of this model's assembly though,

The backpack has three chem tanks that could have been designed to go together easier,  but the nightmare was part 82. Part 82 is a series of wire tubes that run from the chem tanks to the back of this guy's head. They do not easily go together at all and after some time I just had to stop and hope that he will look alright when painted. 

The individual models in this unit were a bit tricky to assemble too ad they all have tiny arms that have tinier connection points for each weapon. The weapon choices themselves were all excellent and made for a very interesting set of choices. However they all connect at the wrist of the aforementioned fiddly arms. 

Check out the women of the unit, who are armed with a pair of chain weapons each,  who all have that same arm to weapon connection. 

The ladys of the chainsaw bloodbath.

This guy was, in my opinion, the easiest one to build. He looks like he could do some serious harm to someone with that thing. 

The Leader of the pack. I chose the wrist mounted chainsaw for his left arm simply because ai thought it looked cool.

Jakhal Pack Leader. 

The rest of the Jakhals are all in crazy running poses. They're dynamic as heck and should be a lot of fun to paint. 

Like I said to some of my friends, they're a lot of work for fodder, but they're going to be really good looking fodder. 

Next up I need to grit their bases and prime them before diving into the painting...