Imperial Knights. I love them. I have a good size House Terryn force, so of course it's time for a Mechanicus battle group.

After much deliberation, I decided that it would be a group that would focus on firepower and maneuver. 
So a Knight Crusader would be the perfect choice to lead it. 

A unit of three Armiger Helverins would be ideal for laying down a torrent of supporting fire.

I went with House Raven for the bold yellow and black stripes, it just kind of feels maximum Mechanicus to me.

I had a plan to paint the stripes using masking tape. It didn't go well. So it ending up being a lot of freehand kinda straight lines, with a huge amount of touch ups between black and yellow and black and yellow... 
I'm always amazed how much the decals really pull the paint scheme together. 
It took a fair amount of time to get done but I am very pleased with them.

Now to see how they perform on the table.

Go Sling Some Paint
And Slide on a Few Nice Decals