I picked up a Strike Force Agastus box, mostly for the new Burtalis Dreadnought, but I did like the other figs as well. 

Okay, the new Primaris heavy weapon dudes, The Desolation Squad, they take a bit getting used to. 

The All-Primaris force did need a real anti-armour unit. I would have thought a Aggressor variant would have been the choice for a heavy weapons troop type,  with a Cyclone-type pod on top of the backpack. Or a Primaris with a nice shoulder mounted missile launcher. What we got is a huge super rocket rifle with missiles strapped on top.

These guys are damn good at killing armor while retaining some solid anti-infantry firepower too. But the sculpts are...a lot. The weapons are very big and boxy, which is kinda fine, but one just feels like it could have been a lot less clumsy looking. They do look better in real life then they photograph, but still just a bit off. 

They are a welcome, if...interesting addition to my Space Wolves. Now I'm painting up the Close Combat Dread.

For Russ and The Allfather!

Via Cawl's Drunk Design Assistant