The next Genestealer* to be graced by my paint and brush is a more modern interpretation of the concept. This one I believe came from the wh40K 4th edition starter, the Battle for Macrage.  I got it with a small batch of nids that Da Masta Cheef tossed my way. Why he only had a single one is a mystery to me, perhaps he'll tell us below, or maybe there's just no tale to tell? Only he knows for sure...

Basecoated. And no, he won't end up with lipstick! 

The basecoats were done using Macrage Blue and  Luxion  Purple Contrast Paint. 

Basecoats, bird's eye view.

I really liked how the Luxion Purple worked on the Genestealer so I didn't feel the need to use Xereus Purple  and skipped it. I went strait to the Genestealer Purple which I used sparingly and highlighted it with Kakophoni Purple

On the blue area, I used Calgar Blue, a layer of Fenrisian Grey with a final highlight of White Scar. 

A dead Ultramarine, a homage to Cheef's current Astartes army.

I think this turned out better than I was expecting . I like how it turned out out so much that I am tempted to paint up all of those Space Hulk Genestealers that I have lurking somewhere.

White highlights on the spine and elbows.

And I think I have finally settled on a fast and easy paint scheme for my nids. I just need to decide what gets the honor of being painted next for my skittering little army...

Free hugs for the four-armed Emperor!

Last minute addendum: on Saturday night I took the bugs out for their first game in years,  and my first game in 7 months,  but I underestimated how freaking hot the car would get while I was at work. About a dozen model had their bases damaged from the heat but this guy was the only one hat was truly damaged. Hit leg melted! Arrrrgh!!!!

He was literally my latest painted model too.. Mrs. Neverness thinks he looks cool, like he's being gunned down... 

So this, the other eight** Genestealers, a ripper swarm, and the patriach all have damaged bases.  Expect their repair to be a future blog post....

* I promise I am not going to make a post featuring every single individual Genestealer I paint.  Promise! 

** only two of the painted Purestrain Genestealers came out of this with undamaged bases.