Two weeks ago I took the pilgrimage up north to go to my nearest Games Workshop store to pre-order the 10th edition box because I wanted the free stuff! I got there about forty minutes before the store opened and was about 40th in line, with a whole lot more behind me. The line did move slowly, but everyone got an order in. It was actually pleasant to be surrounded by people who are genuinely excited and positive about 40K. 

This morning I returned to pick up my prize and just breezed in a out. The manager had everybody's stuff put together in a bag and ready to hand off. I was very impressed by his efficiency.

The extra goodies that came with buying direct from the GW store are quite nice. Two Kill Team sized boards, and set of counters.

The counters really surprised me. Double sided, clear acrylic with sharp art in a nice metal tin. Well done for a freebie.

Inside the box is of course a mountain of plastic, the huge book, some decals, and a mission deck. The mission deck is also nicely done, tarot card sized and made of really stiff cardstock. 
I shall start assembling the figures, and delve into the hefty tome.

The Emperor Protects
But You Still Have To Read The Rules