Bordering on a bit of treason as a British subject perhaps?

Lillibet: Potentate of Terra was a  free download stl made available on Youtube prior to Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee.

I downloaded the file but the first attempt I made to have it printed came to nothing as the ebay seller didn't possess the right sort of printer to smash the model out.

Fortunately, one of my favourite retailers, Kirton Games, now run a 3d printing service.

Send your file using the link provided, wait for the quote, decide if you want the model and boom!, wait for delivery.

Lillibet cost me just over £9.00 for printing plus the P&P on top and took less than a week.  As a bonus, I even received the misprinted version from Kirton Games' first attempt at printing the model so have some bits for mucking around with. Lillibet may even be assimilated with a Baneblade in the future.

 Next up, I may be looking at buying some stls from Wargames Atlantic, and obtaining quotes from Kirton Games for printing.