Hello one and all,

Its been a while since I registered any 'complete' squads, so here one is!

To add to the Deathwatch force, a 5 Marine firstborn Veteran squad, with support from a 5 Marine terminator squad. The scheme is exactly like the previous units, with metallic black base, and similar light/dark blue lenses trying to add a little light source glow to them.

A couple of the terminators are armed with the additional melta gun with the power fist, as per the Salamander character in the Cassius squad. These were converted years ago when the option was allowed. However I like the look, and haven't removed them. The meltas were spare from the centurion squad. Also included is a teminator with a converted combi melta. I thought serg's could have these, however this isn't the case. I retained the weapon just incase I opt to use him as a Captain.

 Cheers for stopping by! LH (15pts)