GW stock photo from the blister pack.

 I have selected my Inquisitor for this year's Inquisitional Conclave. This year I went for this generic Inquisitor.  He looks like he might be fairly quick to paint (famous last words, right Blood Axe Orks?), and he is often the cover model for the Imperial Agents. I decided to name him Alpha, who was the mysterious Inquisitor that my players worked for in the Dark Heresy game I ran about 10 years ago. 

The 25mm base. Yeah, not feeling it. 

This miniature is a white metal miniature, and I was relieved to find him locally last week,  and even more relieved that he wasn't in Finecast. He comes with a basic 25mm base, and as you can see from the stock photo and the one I took above, he just spills off of the thing. So I decided to put him on a 32mm base. And he's still a bit big for it, but at least now I have room to add stuff to it. I cut a slot into the base and accidentally shattered it. No problem really, but I did have to wait for it to glue together. And for some reason the bolter was being difficult about gluing into place also. I had to balance it against my exact-o blade for a while while the glue cured. 

The gluing.

Here he his glued together and looking like he was born too soon and missed out on the 'Tactical rock" craze of the previous decade (who are kidding, it's still a thing!). 

Rocking a new base. 

I wanted a small stack of skulls on his base. Inspired pretty much from the classic Blanche Sisters of Battle art. I'm even planning on putting red Xs on their foreheads. 

Skulls for the Golden Throne!

Ok. Just waiting for the TN  humidity to be on my side so I can get him primed, and then it's on to the action!