I haven't caught up with all my Inquisitors yet.  I'm still working on the Rogue Trader Terminator Daemonhunter, Gregor Eisenhorn and Greyfax plus Karamazov didn't make it to the photo session.

What I do have a is a mixture of GW and non-GW models.

Starting off, the limited edition Silas Hand from Daemonifuge.  Although nice, the figure does not stack up to the Kev Walker artwork from the comic series. He's borrowed some Crusaders to provide back up. Again, Blackstone Fortress was a nice release.

From Victoria Miniatures, nobody expected these figures...

New to the collection and courtesy of Warhammer Imperium, Inquisitor Kyria Draxus.

The convereted Hexbane's Hunters are a welcome addition to provide some Hereticus handling.

Not really an Inquisitor but the Grimdark, Steampunk inspired Yeoman Warder from Anvil Industry is still a nice figure.