Season of Blood

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #warhammercommunity having covered my achievements over the past hobby season, it's now that I look forward to the new one.

For once my list is looking significantly different. Sure, everything I still haven't completed from previous seasons is on here, but as I ticked off 17 items from last season's list [and already finished the Psychophage, which I planned to be in this Season's] there was a huge gap for things to do. 

As previous years I am going to begin with these two items, which are enshrined as the most important things TO DO every season…
  • Develop a more healthy hobby/life balance - go to bed at a decent hour[ish]
  • Continue to play games, they bring me so much joy and fun...
But for my painting goals let's start with Tyranids:
  1. #DreadTober - High Rule Dude
  2. #DreadTober - 2x Screamer Killers
  3. Leviathan - Neurotyrant and 2x Neuroloids:
  4. Leviathan - 5x Barbgaunts
  5. Leviathan - Winged Tyranid Prime
  6. Leviathan - 3x Von Ryan's Leapers
  7. Leviathan - 20x Termagants
  8. Leviathan - 11x Neurogaunts
  9. Leviathan - Rippers...
  10. Update all my old Termagants
  11. Genestealer Cult Sentinels
I'd originally thought I may end up painting my new Leviathan Dark Angels and elements from my Indomitus box - to be my #ArmiesOnParade2024 entry. But it may be the Tyranids as I'm not sure I can reconcile yet how to do my Primaris:
  1. Decide on how I will paint my Primaris...
  2. Dark Angel - Deathwing Terminators
  3. Dark Angel - The Lion
  4. Dark Angel - Old skool Crayola Whirlwind
  5. Dark Angel - Proteus Land Raider
  6. Leviathan - Brutalis Dreadnought
And the Death Guard, they're less of a priority with all the new Dark Angels and nids but for reference:
  1. Myphitic Blight Hauler
  2. Gellerpox Infected
  3. Dark Apostle
Build and paint a Turnip28 regiment:
  1. 3 Snobs
  2. 4 units of Followers
The Big Build continues, as always this season. The principle is sound and pays dividends with those items that tend to be off-list that get built through to painting and completion. It worked well over the festive season, when I couldn't prime anything. Some of these have been on my list for a while, so hopefully I'll finally get them built.
  • Dark Angel - Crayola Whirlwind
  • Dark Angel - Proteus Land Raider
  • Build some new terrain? 
    • Shrine of the Aquila
    • Galvanic Magnavent
    • Sector Imperialis terrain
  • Genestealer Cult Neophytes
  • Genestealer Cult Acolytes
  • 2 Armigers - Not sure about this, I haven't even bought them but I do fancy another 2, just in case so if I buy them they'll probably get built and painted
I've had a number of items that I classed as pipe dreams, both painting and building and they're still knocking around so here's they are just for my records as I don't want to forget about them, but with so many new items on my decks I must be realistic that they aren't getting done this season:
  • Tyranid Promethium Relay Pipes
  • Tyranid Bastion Crater [I have zero intent to do this this season, if ever, just want to remind myself it exists]
  • Space Hulk Genestealers - get them based!
  • 3 Tyranid Lictors
  • 3 Tyranid Shrikes
  • 5 Dark Angel Veterans/Command Squad
So that's my 2023/24 list, again a lot for me, .
All the best for your own efforts this season.