Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my Psychophage. Well this escalated quickly, although realistically the bulk of the work had been done.

Once the bone and turquoise is done there doesn't feel like there's lots left, although I'd say there's still 20-25% of the model, with all the fleshy bits and black talons, not to mention the varnishes.

It felt like I was burning out on it though but I had a couple of nights where I was able to push on with it and focus.

Deciding on yellow smoke also helped - decision making always has the potential to stymie progress. Making that decision to go yellow just meant I could crack on.

Fluff wise I can tie it into the yellow sulphurous clouds that are above Ferron Proxima, so now we know why! The Tyranids have been surreptitiously xeno-forming the planet!

It's not perfect by any stretch but I like it and the yellow will fit in with the flock on the base and all the bits of yellow scenery I have too.

It's cool to add more of these accent colours back it, rather than go for the lime green or plasma blue again.

More highlights got added to the abdomen and I even put in some faint veins with watered down reds and purples.

The gloss varnish gives it an unearthly feel.

The question remains if a red sack would have been better.

Should I have inverted it so the tentacles were pink, and stand out a bit more against the Red Planet BASE! 🔴?

It still looks pretty gruesome and I'm really pleased with the results and the finished marvel. I will say that it felt a lot less like painting Tyranids than usual. There are subtle differences with the sculpting and the chitin plates which made things more uncertain than I'm used to.

It's hard to explain but the design language meant I'm usually quite confident about how to do certain bits but this just had extra stuff and much densely packed armour plates.

So I was slightly uncertain, which meant indecision and slowing down. That said, it only took about 12 days of intermittent effort to achieve this - something I'm immensely proud of.

So is this the last GREAT Big RUSTY Stamp of Approval?