The Ewoks of East Tennessee Endor's forest moon. 

What? You can't see 'em? Yeah well, that's kinda the point really. These are tiny little guys! Smaller than my Jawas even. As such they were easy to paint as they're mostly just shades of brown, inking and a little dry brushing. 

A better view of the basing and one of the mossy patches in my yard. 

Unfortunately, I somehow missed the trapper model when I primed these little guys. He's primed now, but as yet still unpainted. I'm not much of a fan of that particular sculpt anyways, though will paint it up to match it's squad. 

MUCH better!

Speaking of Furry Star Wars Characters (beware of that convention folks!), I rebased my Gigorgon to use as a support weapon gunner for my Anomid squad of Rebel veterans (previously just troopers). While his new stat line still pales in comparison to Chewbacca, he at least is now more formidable than a simple, 1-wound Z-6 gunner.