The New and Improved Space Marine Dreadnought, now with talons!

Well its that time of the year again folks. Like so many, I too have recently purchased a new Ballistus dreadnought from the Levithan boxed set, and why not go ahead and paint it up rather than having languish in primer for...possibly ever. Right? Right.

I chopped up a beastman's skull from the skulls basing set to give my dread some of the requisite Black Dragons' claws. 

I'm off to a good start as my dread is already built, primed, and even battle hardened. There's not much in the way of conversion potential with this kit, but a few added dragon's horns and claws with hopefully help it stand out from the norm. 

Naturally, one of these two horns went on easily, and the other dropped down into the sarcophagus, threatening to never be seen again...