Hello All, thanks for dropping by. Another addition to the Necron Dynasty whilst I am away with work.
This is a Lokhust Heavy Destroyer armed with the anti-tank Gauss Destructor. Similar to the older Heavy Gauss Cannon of the old metal and 'failcast' Heavy Destroyers kit, but updated - it needed it! My previous failcast adventure is detailed HERE and meant I had to convert Heavy Gauss Cannons from spares of the Tomb Blade kit.
This has the same simple scheme as the previous Lokhust Heavy Destroyer with the anti-infantry Enmitic Exterminator. Both of which look great and similar in size alongside the older Destroyer kit, seen in my previous Lokhust post.
I added some of the old Necron decals, as all my previous Destroyers have them, but the same film issue continues, even though I used Micro Set, Micro Sol and 'Ardcoat gloss... minimal annoyance.
Its a beefy gun, and the energy blade beneath echoes the same as my Immortals.
Here it is alongside the other Lokhust Heavy Destroyer.
Cheers, Siph (2pts)