Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #BuildingWarhammer  It's been just over 4 years since I built my first 'nu' Adeptus Titanicus Titans with Liam. I crashed my car that night in some snow and he came and saved me - that's mates for you. Then a month later we were in lockdown! I struggled with the Reaver and Warhounds for so long, which did not inspire me with confidence this time around. I'm building everything from the starter set, which seemed to go in and out of production so often I had to bite the bullet and not get the 'best' deal, but the 'only' deal rather than risk missing out. It's since gone back in production and there are better deals to be had!

Anyway, I had 'fun' building this base out of an old cork mat. Did a bit of card detailing, with some tiny gems for rivets. I then used tile grout to smooth the edges. 

Tactical embankment. The pose was interesting enough to do. The pipework to its inside left thigh wasn't going to work so I've used guitar string. Unfortunately it's not the correct grade but it'll suffice [as you can see in the first pic]. 

The second Reaver had similar pose, but instead of stepping up, it's stepping down. All the magnetising for the weapons got down and I'd created a similar base.
One of the Warhounds was on top of the embankment, which had been damaged. It took a good few weeks to get to this stage - waiting on magnets, deciding on poses, achieving the pose, adding the magnets - it was a lot of faffing!
Which is why the second Warhound was in a much more 'stock' pose. That's a piece from the Bastion kit, used to differentiate part of the terrain. There's another decorative piece from the Sanctum Imperialis kit behind his leg, which will be some kind of Imperial Statuary.

And lastly, two more Cerastus Lancers.

Which I'm going to say entitles me to 5 [maybe even 6] Bloody Great Big Bloody BIG BUILD Stamp of Bloody BUILD Approval