Blood Ravens Landraider COMPLETED

Blood Ravens Landraider COMPLETED

In a shocking moment of "this blog ain't dead yet" i managed to finished the large and time consuming Landraider for my Blood Raven Army. And here it is: He is one sexy beast, right? With a new codex out I'm tempted by some Centurions, so maybe they'll be here...

Glowing Axes!

Still need a clean-up pass but I thought i'd have a crack at some strong OSL on the squad's sergeant, who has a Power Axe and a Plasma gun. Not totally sold on the execution, but I don't think it's too bad for a first attempt! 

And Another One!

And the squad expands with this guy. The effect is slightly spoiled by the fact he fell apart during painting (stupid crappy plastic glue!) and his pose is now a little "skippy". All the other Marines will mock his gait, but  its not his fault the Emperor made...

Blood Ravens Assault Marine

Guess What? It turns out my window sill works really well for taking pictures with the new camera.Some days you finish something and you think "yeah, I'm really pleased with him." Yesterday was one of those days.