Mechanicus Battlescribe update

Been such a long time since an update,  but I think you'll agree this treat makes the wait worth while.  Grimnar,  a dedicated AdMech fan from Australia, has taken the time to update the old Battlescribe file to 7.ed. A huge undertaking , believe me,...

Battlescribefile 2.0 online and other goodies

Major update in the CultM battlescribe file. All general modifiers have been added, so you wont miss any benefits from enhancements or wargear. Still learning new trick in the system, so new stuff might be added later, at least when the finished version of the codex...

Battlescribefile update v. 1.06

A new version of the Battlescribe CultM file is ready to download here:                             CultM v. 1.06Have started adding modifiers that automatically changes stats and add special...

Battlescribe Update

Updated the battescribe file. A few minor corrections, to a couple of entries.Find it here, or in the Download section.CultM 1.05

Battlescribe file update

Pretty much as the headline says, the armyfile for Battlescribe has been updated. It now contains a few more of the special characters. Enjoy, and please let me have some feedback if you experience any bugs or mistakes.CultM 1.04b