MRW EP 8 – Mike Carter Strikes again at Origins!

Today Mark is joined by Pathfinder extrodinare Mike Carter and they discuss the events being held at Origins!   Special thanks to Gregg for getting the army creation tool up so quickly!   Also Check out our event OH-Con!

MRW Ep 2 – What I’d Like to See in KoW 2nd Edition!

Today Andrew takes a look at the future now that the mini kickstarter is over and he covers what changes he’d like to see in KoW 2nd edition.   If there is a topic you are interested in hearing about, contact Andrew at   Lastly...
MR 12 – The Dogs of War!

MR 12 – The Dogs of War!

  Today Andrew, Mark, and Rob are joined by none other than special guests Joe Neet and Mike Carter. Joe joins us for the beginning, news, insider, and hobby sections while Mike Carter takes us through our Main Topic – Allies in Kings of War. As always for...