‘Nam: The Air War

F4 PhantomThe next air campaign that I intend to cover for my new game is the air war over North Vietnam.F105 'Thud'Accordingly, I have bought a few suitable 1:300 models from Scotia-Grendal's Collectair range. These are old fashioned metal models (lead alloy?) and...

Winter of ’79, Wessex

As the cities descended into chaos, helicopters became vital for transport in and out of urban areas. Even the RAF's air-sea rescue choppers were conscripted into the front line.

Bond Villain Minions

Secret base to dominate the world in an extinct volcano, check, so what does the aspiring Bond Villain need next? Why minions of course, preferably with machine pistols and bright clothes to make them easy targets for when Bond arrives.Another batch from 7TV.


Elite Stormtroopers of the Alex Salmond Borderers  stand by to repel invaders from The Chipping Norton Murdoch Commando.Eat your heart out, VBCW fans.

British Patrol Afghanistan

This astonishing photo was taken by a professional British Army photographer, Rupert Frere.You can follow him on twitter at @Army_photo