Black Gate Miniatures: Ogre Mammoth Riders Regiment!

In all the kickstarter work, casting and prep, we forgot to get a unit of these painted for Black Gates display haha... Only discovered it as he has now built his website fully and was missing these!Again great scuplts and casts as you would expect from Black Gate,...

Black Gate Miniatures: Greenlings

Next on the paint station is this unit of the new Greenlings from Black Gate Miniatures, they were the last unit funded by the kickstarter and have caused a few problems getting moulded... but they are done now and are a joy to paint!Its a good job as i have eight...

Black Gate Miniatures: Junk Lobba and unreleased masters

Another fun week but i have these now finished:Tyrant Hero (Freebie for backers)Yeti and Savage Kin (3rd Sculpts)Junk Lobba!I appear to have just one more week on this bitch ass work site so will get a post up tomorrow but then wont be free till the weekend again :(

Black Gate Miniatures: Moar Ogre Warriors!

These two units complete my Ogre Warriors and the army to this stage:Wont be too much longer now for the rest of the force! another 240 models will be on route from Black Gate, 192 of them are Greenlinga about 6mm tall haha