OH VC 9 – Getting Psyched for Waaagh Paca!

Today I try to get myself psyched for 2015′s Waaagh Paca, by going over a game from 2014! In this game I pitted my 2000 point Chaos Dwarf list vs Chris Broeska’s Daemons.     Also Check out our event OH-Con!

OH VC Ep 7 – Heroic Last Stand!

Today in this quick battle report, Andrew talks about a game he played with Robert Chenevert using the Scenario in the back of the 8th Ed Rulebook – Heroic Last Stand!     Also Check out our event OH-Con!

OH Video Cast Ep 6 – 1k Daemons vs 1k Skaven

Now that my basements finished I’ve finally had some time to look at the the unpublished content from when I was working all Summer. In this cast I took 1k Daemons and got a chance to play my good friend Scott Helbling’s Skaven. Personally I’ve...