Family photo of the Inquisitorial Retinue

Finally the full retinue is ready to take to the battlefield. It has been years since I played anything remotely GW, but we have a game coming up next week - and I can't wait to get this lot on the tabletop.Backrow left to right: The Goose, Inquisitor...

Small Imperial taskforce

Couldn't resist a groupshot even though they were not made to be in the same unit - look good together none the less I think.

Rodrigo Menéndez de Márques finished

Finished off by adding the last few shades and powders to the base. Really happy with this mini and I'm actually thinking this might be my best piece ever. I'm especially pleased with the scrolls and the face - and the candles of cause :D So I proudly...

Last few details

Just need to finish off the base now - tried to work in some OSL on the candles but simply couldn't make it work, so they ended up without. Quite happy with the candles in all other aspects, not the last time I've added those to minis, that's for sure.