Marve Universe Rules now a FREE PDF!

OK folks, this is HUGE!!!!Knight Models have just released the Marvel Universe Miniature Game rules as a FREE PDF!!!!Not only that, it's a 2.0 version that includes ALL of the FAQ clarifications.Head over and check it out HERE and let us know what you...

Batman Rulebook Ready to Ship!

Just a quick post today but it'd big news if you have ordered the new Batman Rulebook.Knight Models have both versions of the Rulebook plus Red Hood and Alfred in hand!From the announcement -"Good morning all, I'm glad to announce we have already received the...
Batman Rulebook Preview Pages

Batman Rulebook Preview Pages

 The team over at Beasts of War have managed to get thier hands on some preview pages of the new Batman Miniatures Game Rulebook by Knight Models.Click the images to see larger versions.What do you think?Is this something you will be picking up?- Hendybadger