Sunday Round-Up

There's been no holding me back over the last few weeks...With another three Malifaux unboxings including Guild Sergeants, Malifaux Raptors and Old Cranky......a feature on a currently in development skirmish game from Savage Forged Games called Dead

Savage Forged Games – Dead Again

During my trip to the UK Games Expo recently I had a demo of an in development skirmish game from a company called Savage Forged Games. The company has been making miniatures for a while under their Savage Forged Minis banner but this is (as far as I'm aware) their...

Sunday Round-Up

I have yet again escaped from my cell and been productive this week......with another three Malifaux unboxings and one for Knight Models Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. The three Malifaux unboxings were Fermented River Monks, Guild Autopsies and McTavish......with...

The UK Games Expo – Some Purchases

Too tired to do a proper article about the Expo tonight...lets just say that I bought some things...I also bought some dice and my partner bought a couple of puzzles but I haven't photographed those yet.Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.