Long time no see. Life has been busy, both good and boring things. The hobby side has been neglected, most so the painting. But the last two weekends has started to change it a bit. Last weekend me and two friends from the club headed down south to visit an old friend and member of the club to celebrate his 40th birthday with some other old friends. I had a blast. We played a lot of good games, good drinks and fun conversations. It was really fun to see them all, some I haven’t seen for a couple of years. All in all a great weekend and a needed break from life and to recharge my brain. For his birthday we gave him a boardgame called Rampage, which was a very fun game, great as a drinking game.

Onwards to this weekend..

A while back we got asked by a friend if we wanted to drop by the library where she works and play some games with the kids who visits them and show them what we do in the club. The event went very well and we ended up with 42 visitors which was a lot more then we thought would come. The last time we were at a library playing games we had 2 visitors :).

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