What is the Wargaming Hub?

The Wargaming Hub is nothing more than Blog Aggregator that brings Wargaming Blog posts from all over the world to one place. Depending on how a blogger has his website configured you will notice content comes in a few ways. Typically, you will find posts displayed in three ways.

  • A direct link to the original post
  • An excerpt (a few lines) of the original content and a direct link to the full article.
  • The full article copied to the Wargaming Hub with direct link

What determines how the content is presented is by how the publisher handles their website’s RSS feeds. Google Reader and many other Aggregators use your RSS feed to display content. If you are blogger that wants your content displayed in a particular way there are simple ways to change your RSS especially if you use WordPress or Blogger. Here are some links to make those changes.


Blogger Feed Instructions

WordPress Feed Instructions


If you don’t want your blogs content shown on Wargaming Hub in any capacity simple use the contact form and shoot the Wed Administrator an email and your feed and past content will be removed. As always if you cannot find your blog on the site and want to be added feel free to email as well.

The intention of this site is to provide Wargamers with a convenient place to find content and introduce more Wargamers to voices that might otherwise missed otherwise.