Well I know I am slow about updating this thing but I am going to keep it and I am going to make it work. So what are we talking about today? Paintball more specifically we are talking about the largest game in the world.

Oklahoma D-Day

This was one of the best four day outings I have ever been on in my life. We have the starts of a scenario paintball team named ODA 214 Spectres, a great bunch of guys. I went with four guys;

Glenn - The husband of one of my two best friends as well as a good friend of mine and our groups captain. He is the mastermind of the group and one of the most charismatic leaders I have had the pleasure to know in my life.

Jason - Is a friend of mine from Scarborough faire, he and I hit it off one day after me thinking for a year he disliked the hell out of me. Since I got passed the "I don't know you so why should I talk to you Jason" I have found one of the most kind friends you could have, a real heart of gold masked in a shield of lead. A smart man with a mind that thinks outside of the box.

Patrick - This guy is cool, I think I bother the hell out of him sometimes but over the last four years I have gotten to know him and respect him more then I think i let him know. Smart, damn this man is smart, and sharp with the wit. He is a valiant man and under fire one of the most calm and cool individuals I have met. Patrick's quote "Don't Raise Your Head" As I see paint balls flying over me.

David - The other big guy in the group, this man and I have a lot in common and I did not know it until the drive. I have know Dave for a while but its more at a distance. Always new him as a nice guy that meant well but did not understand. (He and I have had some headbutting in the past) Come to find out its because we took two different paths to solve the same problems and we both have turned out well on our paths and now both believe we are on the path that others should follow. I must say this man has deep thoughts that I would more like to just sit and listen to one day. Whether or not I agree with all of them.

So this is my Team and short thoughts on each one of them, I don't' have enough time or space to write more about them because they are each an amazing and dynamic individual.

So back to the point D-Day, Started on

Thursday for us with what had to be the worst rain and wind storm I have every camped through. Playing dry cloth's Jenga with the plastic boxes and the cloth bags was fun at 12:00, 3:00, and 4:30 when each major wave poured through and soaked our tent through and the outside of our tent was siting in two inches of water. This was after driving from Dallas, TX to northeast Oklahoma.

Friday we met our unit which was 82nd Airborne 505th Charlie Co. After AAA course that helped us with different types of cover and charge tactics. Working in groups moving forward at the jump, we had a great time and got to spend some awesome time meeting our fellow paintballers. By the way this made us awesome the next day.

Saturday - D-Day we where up and at it by 6:00 and on the road by 6:30 and broke down by 6:35 and marching to insertion, a mile and a half away through enemy lines. This was a bad start to a grand day. We had a battle plan, Hit sword beach by 10:30, Pegasus bridge by 11:30, Communications by 12:00, and Colliville by 1:00, then help take Omaha Beach. Well things went a little different then planned. We hit insertion at 9:00am game start, the German's seeing all of the 505th walk through their defence into our starting placement, went and got help and in the first charge annihilated us, the second charge was set of the day. When our CO said "for those of you that are Yankees, in the south there is a thing that was used in the civil war to scare the opponents called the Rebel Yell, I want you to get in there Scream at the top of your lungs rush the position then keep going, if they get in your way shoot them, if they don't pass them up we need to free up the armor from sword coast." That started the pace, and I as a big man was hard pressed to keep up with the game but i did. We where in Colliville the first time at 11:30am. The German's where routed by about 2:30 and the game was suppose to go till 5:00 that afternoon. Was the best thing for a new paint baller, being that this was my second game.

Sunday - We packed up earlier went home and had a great drive and conversation as we went.

I know no one reads this blog, but that's OK. Thanks guys for letting me tag along. It means a lot, even if I don't tend to tell people often enough.