Got some good painting done today. Will post pictures tomorrow-ish, but for now, here's what the army painting progress looks like.

Librarian - Unassembled, Unpainted
Venerable Dreadnought – Mostly Painted - Needs Detailing
Drop Pod – Fully Painted
Terminator Squad – 6 Fully Painted, 4 Unpainted
Tactical Squad – Mostly Painted - Needs Detailing
Tactical Squad – Mostly Painted - Needs Detailing

Librarian – Partially Painted
Sternguard Veteran Squad – 6 Fully Painted, 1 Partially Painted, 3 Unpainted
Tactical Squad – Partially Painted
Scout Squad – Painted - Need Magnets for Bases
Devastator Squad (Missile Launchers)– Mostly Painted - Needs Detailing
Devastator Squad (Lascannons)– Primed - Unpainted

I'm going to try and get my Termie Librarian primed tomorrow or the day after, while it's still nice out. Pics of the missile Devastators and the Drop Pod are forthcoming... along with whatever else I get done between now and then. Next in line is the Tactical Squad from the Defender list, a mongrel crew headed up by Sergeant Koros. After that, I'll revisit Valdis and Dymius' Tactical squads, and Ancient Gaheris.