I decided to take advantage of the bout of warm-ish weather Toronto is experiencing and get my Terminator Librarian assembled, based, and primed. He will be Lucius Orzora, Chief Librarian of the Revilers Chapter and leader of my 1250 point Planetstrike Attacker list for the tourney on the 29th.

I bulked up his base with some cork chunks; mainly to make him a bit more impressive than the Space Hulk librarian that he may have to share the board with sometime. He is supposed to be the Chief Librarian, after all - and it wouldn't do to have some Terminator-armoured Epistolary looking more impressive than him.

Here he is, primed grey and all ready for me to... start painting something else. I'll probably get around to starting on this guy (and finishing up my power-armoured Librarian) on the weekend.