So after much starting and stopping and still not all the way finished here is the first ... mostly.. completed squad of Word Bearers.

The Bolter/Special weapons guys... the Special weapons will be pinned on the grip hand, that way they can be swapped out for whatever load out I need.

Now for Assault load out, I know it doesn't make any difference game wise but I like to mix up the load out for my CSM visually so I can remember what everyone has.

And finally the Champion and Icon bearer...

These photos turned out better than the last batch.  Lighting seems to be my biggest problem for taking decent photos... it always seems too yellow.  So I have it narrowed down to the lighting, or the backdrop, or both.  So the next batch of pictures should be better than this batch.

My crazy red recipe...
So this red is a little labor intensive but has given me results I really like. This red took several tries till it felt right to me, everything up until this point was either too dark/maroon-ish or just too garishly bright.

1. Black undercoat
2. 2 thin coats of Scab Red(GW, these are the paints I am currently using but I am starting to branch out into other paint manufacturers), this will give you a solid base coat.
3. A wash of thinned Devlan Mud, leave to dry fully.
4. First highlight of pure Scab Red, make sure to leave the darkest color in the recesses.
5. Second highlight of 50/50 Scab Red and Blood Red, make sure to leave some of the Scab Red showing
6. Third highlight of pure Blood red on the edges of the armor.
7. Final wash of Baal Red, slightly thinned... just enough so it doesn't dry shiny, this will pull the highlights together and smooth out the transitions.

Yes, this is a very time consuming process, but can be executed well if planned out.  For example had if I had my second CSM squad de-flashed and primed I could have been base coating them while the washes where drying on the first squad.  There is always something to do when getting an army ready and not all of it takes a huge amount of time to do.  So even if you have little time to paint, if you plan it out you can do a lot in a small amount of time.  The important thing is to find a style that suits you and your goals.

*March seems to be my month, expect this squad done and maybe some demon color tests sometime after next week*

Hope you all enjoy!!


p.s. Does anyone have any tips for tank painting?!