Hi folks, due to some unforseen circumstances and general bad financial management on my part im going to have to sell some of the items i have hanging hanging around in my wardrobe! so here is what i have up for sale before i put them on the bay, all items are new and still in the box unless otherwise stated, prices include p&p, UK only tho i'm affraid folks

Trygon £22
Gargoyle Brood £12
Ravenor brood £20
Carnifex (no box) £15 each (2 available)
Hive Tyrant £22
Tyrant Guard £6 each (2 available)

SM Devastator squad £15
SM Masters of the chaper £15
SM Sternguard squad £15
SM Techmarine with servitors £15
SM Ironclad dreadnaught £18
SM Space wolves pack (no box) £12

If you are interested drop me a line at scarylion@gmail.com
First come first served, Payment by PayPal prefered, thanks :)