Here's a few of my Daemons that I have completed, or are mostly complete. The Bloodcrusher is pretty much done, he has taken a few dings in transportation though.

The Nurgle Prince is for the most part complete. Couple of touch ups to do on him like painting the green stuff where the wings meet his body and some other minor touch ups. His wings are from a McFarlane Ice Dragon.

I also used the base that came with the Ice Dragon as the base for my Herald of Tzeentch. I had considered him complete months ago when I actually painted him, but looking at him now I can see there are quite a few things I would like to change or touch up on him for sure. For the Herald I used a WFB Tzeentch Lord I believe it was and threw a couple of Screamers on there to pull the disc and create a chariot. I had intended on attaching chains from the disc to the Screamers but I just haven't gotten around to it.

The Screamer is complete, but there are a few things about him I don't like, but future Screamers that I do should turn out better. All in all I do like him.

The Flamer was one of the first Daemon models I painted. I think he turned out awesome and they are definately one of my favorite models in the army...for show and for playing with. But future Flamers that I do will be a little more refined I think.

So that's a few of my models, I'll keep posting as I get more completed.