So with the board being based and ready to go the next step was to get it primed up. For this I used flat black Krylon primer. This step was a pain because I didn't want the paint to mess up in the humid weather we have been having so after I primed a bit of it I had to take it in to let it dry in the cooler air.

After a day of slowly getting the whole things good and primed.

After getting it primed I started on doing a quick couple of dry brushes of Apple Barrel Grey Paint. If you haven't tried this paint it is great for anything large terrain project and being around 2 bucks a big bottle it will last you for a good bit. So after dry brushing it, I went out and tried Krylon Mat Vanish since I had great things about it, and when I did it melted off the spray paint on the border of the board making me have to hand paint all of the sides. I don't know if I was using it too close or what but I hope I can get it to work on future projects since I have 2 cans of the stuff. So finally after repainting the sides and using a different varnish I finished the board and I am very happy with how it turned out.

A couple of pictures of the display ready for action

Total cost of the board 10 bucks with tons of stuff left over