During 4th of July week I ran into John Willingham a teammate of mine for the European Team championship. We started to discuss the warhammer 40k list that the Europeans are using and just had a great laugh. I feel confident that we are going to do very well over there but I started to think lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. I can't judge a list by its cover entirely.

I don't want to go into list strengths, building redundancy, focusing on shooting or assault phase but why doesn't anyone ever talk about the movement phase? Personally its one of the most important phases in the game and once you have a better grasp around it it can make a huge difference in a game.

For example understanding your space between say a Leman Russ Demolisher and the range of the Demolisher cannon being 24 inches to 30 inches. If I know I can maneuver my unit around that distance I can effectively take that unit out of the picture and worry about other threats. The same goes for melta guns or the distance that transports can deliver those units. The thing I am saying is you can mitigate the damage in the movement phase and understand when you are taking risk you can focus and break down your opponents list much better then just going crazy with no plan. javascript:void(0)

Everyone loves the Psyker hoods on the Librarians and I find it amusing now. I have put players into this position multiple times even with Psyker Battle squads understanding the range on their weaken resolve or even their soulstorm blast is 36 inches. Every time I target a unit or fire soul storm I always make sure that the librarian is 24 inches away and he doesn't even have a chance of stopping the power.

So I guess I wonder do people ever consider the smaller intricacies of the movement phase or do they really understand how much actually happens during that time?