Once again I'm thinking... I wonder what qualifications I need to get a job at the big GW?

I've also been thinking Eldar again

more importantly the Avatar

One rule I would drop right of the hammer is the immunity to heat weapons, This isn't warhammer fantasy we don't normally factor in elements with our weapons so this rule should be scrapped.

Instead they should give the Avatar "Eternal Warrior" to be on par with other daemons.

Speaking of daemons I was a little insulted when I read through the greater daemon list and saw that the bloodthirster has a WS of 10 I mean sheesh if I didn't know better I'd say there is a lack of communication between the fluff writers and the rule writers

each greater daemon has it's own aspect of war:

Bloodthirster: Slaughter; large number of high strength attacks.

Keeper of Secrets: Temptation and pain; makes the opponent drop their guard then puts them in a world of hurt.

The Unclean One: Disease and endurance; weaken the opponent whilst taking every hit.

Lord of Change: Magic; Ranged combat, psychic powers,


Avatar of Khaine: War Mastery; Skillful strikes and parries, inspiring commander

The bloodthirster has encroached on the Khaine's territory so that is something that needs to be fixed

perhaps always hits on a 3+ can only be hit on a 5+ in close combat regardless of weapon skill? that way Khaine will still keep his war mastery.

Because of his WS this boost is a minor thing and thus combined with Eternal Warrior easily makes up for the loss of his immunity to heat weapons.