Okay, so, I'm not usually one for blogs.  Today, however, I figured it was time to start a record of the exploits of the Angelus Mortis, my successor chapter to the Blood Angels.  So, a little history about me:

I started out playing codex marines, mostly because I liked their look, feel, and their adaptability.  I also didn't want to play as an alien race, but I didn't want to be a squishy kind of race either (which humans tend to be).  So I settled on Space Marines.  I knew that I didn't want to be just another Ultramarines player, so I started crafting my own chapter.

This lasted for about six months, but I wanted to make changes to the way the organization worked.  I wanted my assault marines to be troop, apothecaries as a separate model, and I wanted to change all of the organization charts.  I wanted a highly mobile force, but I couldn't do it properly with the Ultramarines.  My boss pointed out that the Blood Angels could do everything that I wanted and more.  So now, I play the Blood Angels codex.

I have now started crafting and naming my chapter.  I will have all of my chapter posted up here, as well as my exploits in combat and in design.  So, for now, signing off.

Drakur Kanotae Redragon, Chapter Master of Angelus Mortis