Okay base coat was done and I put some of the primary color to the model. I started with the green cause of course its an Ork. I like using a ligher green, so I stuck to the good old Goblin Green. I also have used Snot Green as well but I do find that after a coat of wash the details are nice and it looks more fleshy.

Then it was time for the clothing. To me when I think of a Weirdboy I think of a wizard....its strange but it does lol. And to me purple is the only choice for the robes. So I gave him a coat of Liche Purple. I was also debating going with a dark blue or a gray so it might be changed by next week.

I then turned my attention to the Gretchin holding him back. I started out doing a Bad Moons army, but I have a large number of painted ork models on loan in my collection painted many different colors so I said why not do a Waaagh instead. In my army the burners are members of the Evil Suns, I use them in trucks to drive up and blast groups of troops. So looking at the model the Gretchin look like they are wearing little flamer gloves to protect themselves for the energy from the Weirdboy. I gave them a coat of Mechrite Red with the plan to put a coat of Blood Red over it.

I am hoping to get back at this tommorow and lay down some more base colors and maybe start in on some of the details and clean up so miss strokes.