Wraithlords are the embodiment of fallen heroes; Exarches, Autarches, Witches, etc of the pass returned to fight for their craftworld again. Each Wraithlord is tailored for that heroes preferred method of fighting.

In total there are 78 different weapon combinations for Wraithlords and over 500 different ways of mounting the weapons, add in conversions and the possiblities are endless.

With so many combinations it can be hard to decide what kind of Wraithlord to make let alone how to model it to capture the style of it's hero's soul.

One way to do it is to select a path to follow and build around that path.

Some of the paths to consider are:

Dire Avenger: Dual: Shuriken Weaponry.

Howling Banshee: Close Combat: Anti-Heavy Infantry and template "screams".

Fire Dragon: Ranged: Heat Weapons and anti-Armour.

Striking Scorpion: Close Combat: Anti-Swarm.

Dark Reaper: Ranged: Missiles and Anti-Heavy Infantry.

Swooping Hawk: Ranged: Lasers and Templates.

Warp Spider: Ranged: Anti-Swarm.

Shining Spear: Dual: Brightlances,Shuriken Weaponry, Wraithswords.

Ranger: Ranged: Single Shot Lasers.

Witch: Dual: Templates and Wraithswords.

Pilot: Ranged: Dual Purpose Combinations.

Autarch: All of the above and any missed.

Wraithlords Young and Old