I haven't quiet figure out when I will be doing my updates, I want to do them once a week but which days I am still not sure yet. But rest assured, once I start to get into the swing of this whole blogging thing, you will get to read more and more updates as time goes on. Over the past week and a half, the pile of resin tank bodies and turret pieces have gotten turned into what will most likely become the working parts of the British 2nd Armoured Division.

First up, I will show of the work table in front of the TV in my Man Cave. You can see all of the tanks, my three Dingo Scout cars and and some infantry in progress. The troops just to the left of the tanks are the British Infantry whereas everything above the tanks are my US 1st Infantry Division which are the next big project.

Next up, is a pic of the tanks that come in the British Army deal alone. So far, I have only done the green armour with a drybrush highlight and started the black camo scheme.

Last up is a close up of the tanks in progress:

The paint scheme so far is:
-Prime Black.
-Sprayed Soviet Armour Green
-Drybrushed an even mix of Reflective Green and Muddlestone
-Camo Spot are German Grey

That is as far as the tanks have made it. I hope to finish them up over the weekend and bust out the infantry platoon so the 1,500 point Early War army will be done. Also, just so you can see what might be coming on this blog in the future, you can see my "Hobby Board" or the dry erase board I keep all my hobby projects straight on.

As you can see, I am torn at the moment between making my Space Marines into Ultramarines or Salamanders, any input would be great. I also want to paint up the new Island of Blood Starter set as there are some pretty impressive new models in it, prehaps even doing an army from there.

Thanks for taking the time to read, feel free to leave and C&C you would like.