I picked up a copy of Island of Blood on the release day (from my Local GW :D ). This will (hopefully) be my log of the progress untill I have the whole box set completed.

I have decided to go with slightly complex bases using water effect to give the sense that the battle is taking place in a caved/rockey area. I hollowed out the bases and then refilled them with Miliput. The meant I had a pool in which I could pore the water effect. I also used slat to create the flat surafaces for the figures to stand.

I stated with the larger models such as teh rat ogres and the Griffon as these (in theory) are easier to do as they have larger bases. (the ranked units will be fun!)

I shall get onto army colour schemes when I get there but I already have a good idea of what I will do.
anyways, here the start:

Ratogres(mouldlines still to be removed):

Griffon: (the weeds are made from brush bristles)