Not sure what to expect from Hamelin. I only ran him once and he did a decent job of preventing certain models from doing what they wanted to do. He has the potential of causing my opponents models to do my dirty work for me, and he's pretty much the only caster in the Outcast crew.
I just wish he wasn't so expensive and wasn't on a 50mm base. Seems a bit excessive.

I decided I wanted green clothing. It's different and it breaks up all the browns the Outcast seems to be gathering. I've never seen a model selection that used so much leather.
The blotches of white, black and brown are actually rats that he has hanging off of him. It's not evident in these terrible pictures, but you can actually tell what they are.
Red eyes like the rats he loves, and a big ol' yellow toothed evil grin.

Nix, his dog I painted up to look like Spud Mckenzie. You know, that old Budweiser commercial dog? No? Well nevermind.
He was a little too simple to paint as his model really doesn't have any details to paint up. Good thing Spud had a big black spot on his back.