I'm going to state up front that I don't like this model. Her character doesn't really interest me, I think the model is horrible, and over all I wish her stats were used on a better miniature. Too bad she's bundled with the Outcast boxset, otherwise I'd never have gotten her.
Sadly, I do own her, so I may as well paint her to complete my set. It also doesn't help that my pictures are so bad that they make it look glossy, blotchy, and overall hideous. I swear, on the grave of my ancestors, that I will build up a proper lightbox with WHITE lights!!!

Look at that face, her open mouth, blank dead stare. She looks like she's ready to receive a money shot against her will.
I like how her purple scarf thing turned out, the little pink bit I tossed in there helps it look slightly more unique, and her blue dress actually came out alright, if rather bland.
Green hair because she's asian and according to anime, all asian chicks have crazy hair colors.

Her halberd snapped off on me when I pulled her out of the baggy, it was REALLY flimsy for some reason, so I made the most out of what I had. The blade itself is pretty boring. I was tempted to try etching runes or japanese characters in the blade with my dremel, but I lost interest.
The rock base she's on is actually the only thing I'm happy with on this model. If you look closely, it actually looks like a rock. I'm proud of that.

Overall, once I find a suitable replacement, this model is being melted down and scattered across the 4 corners of the earth.