So I've been a little slack updating the blog lately.  And painting.  That being said, I have been doing a little painting and helping my girlfriend assemble her Chaos Daemons army hopefully in time for Orktoberfest.  We're still waiting on the stuff to come from Maelstrom so I'll be emailing them again...

I recently played in a combat patrol tournament put on at the club by Wonna.  Despite missing out on the first game (due to a player being absent and being the odds and evens player for the event), I still managed to score third place with my Eldar, so fairly happy with that.  I had to paint up a Shrieker Jetbike to fill out my force, so I'll take some photos of it tomorrow along with the rest of the army that I used.

As to why I've been slack, well there are a few reason/excuses.  I was a bit sick earlier in the month, and since then, I've come across a game called World of Tanks.  It's currently in beta testing, but is shaping up to be a fun game.  You can find out more about it HERE.  If you want to chat to me in game, I'm signed in as Eltnot.

So more content coming soon... well as soon as I stop playing with tanks.